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F. Alobaid, A. Kuhn, N. Nguyen, B. Johnen, J. Peters, and B. Epple, “Numerical and experimental study of co-combustion of refuse-derived fuels in a circulating fluidized bed during load change“, Frontiers in Energy Research

Conference Presentations

Martin Haaf, “Retrofitting Fluidized Bed Power Plants for Waste-Derived Fuels and Novel Process Concepts”, Fluidized Bed Conversion Conference 2022, 10/05/2022

Daniela Olevano, “Innovative Refractory Solutions for Lining Furnaces in Energy Intensive Industrial Sectors”, Cimtec 2022, 24/06/2022

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Conference Presentations:


FlexFlores: Jochen Ströhle, “Assessment of Fuel and Load Flexibility in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant”, Fluidized Bed Conversion Conference 2022, 09/05/2022