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F. Alobaid, A. Kuhn, N. Nguyen, B. Johnen, J. Peters, and B. Epple, “Numerical and experimental study of co-combustion of refuse-derived fuels in a circulating fluidized bed during load change“, Frontiers in Energy Research

P. Stamatopoulos, D. Stefanitsis, M. Zeneli, and N. Nikolopoulos, “Development of an artificial neural network EMMS drag model for the simulation of fluidized beds in chemical looping combustion“, Chemical Engineering Science


Conference Presentations

Martin Haaf, “Retrofitting Fluidized Bed Power Plants for Waste-Derived Fuels and Novel Process Concepts”, Fluidized Bed Conversion Conference 2022, 10/05/2022

Daniela Olevano, “Innovative Refractory Solutions for Lining Furnaces in Energy Intensive Industrial Sectors”, Cimtec 2022, 24/06/2022

Emmi Kallio, “Reducing the Share of Fossil Fuels in the Context of Existing Fluidized Bed Power Plants – Technical Challenges and Contermeasures”, 10th Liekkipäivä, 20/04/2023

Falah Alobaid, “Investigation of the operating flexibility of a CFB furnace – experimental measurements and dynamic simulation”, ICCHMT2023, 05/09/2023

Related Projects


Conference Presentations:


FlexFlores: Jochen Ströhle, “Assessment of Fuel and Load Flexibility in a Circulating Fluidized Bed Pilot Plant”, Fluidized Bed Conversion Conference 2022, 09/05/2022